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Automatic Pet Feeder W/ Ice/ Water Compa...


Automatic Pet Bowls Control Panel KeysMODE - switches between clock or feeding time display. Also increases clock time during clock / feeding time Set modeSET - enters settings mode. Also confirms the time you enter and advances t..


Carno Bathing Sand 1kg


Effective in killing bacteria and body cleansingHelps to prevent hamster hair losing and dermatology diseasesDust free to prevent respiratory system problem and eyes irritation...


Carno Bathroom w/ Easy Swing Door


Measurement:Length = 12.7 cmWidth = 9.5 cmHeight = 10 cm..


Carno Exercise Ball 33 cm


For rats, chinchillas, small animals..


Carno Hamster Ball, 14.5 cm


Available in clear, pink, blue and yellow color...


Carno Hamster Playhouse W/ ramp, slide, ...


Measurement:Length = 18 cmWidth = 10.5 cmHeight = 15 cm..


Carno Healthy Mat


Protecting mat pad for healthy feet & pawsProvide extra protection for animal's foot from effectively reducing the chance of sprain and foot injury by the innovative design of standard holes on the Mat.Avoid contacting the excrements directly in ..


Carno Hedgehog Food, 450 grams


Nutritional Componenets: Protein Components:  Chicken, Duck meat, Beef, Salmon, Egg, Mealworm Fatty Components: Deap Sea Fish Oil, Chicken Suet, Vegetable Oil, Peanut, Taurine, Potassium, Sorbate, Vitamin A,C,D, Minerals, Rice, ..

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