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Carno Healthy Mat


Protecting mat pad for healthy feet & pawsProvide extra protection for animal's foot from effectively reducing the chance of sprain and foot injury by the innovative design of standard holes on the Mat.Avoid contacting the excrements directly in ..


Carno Natural Mineral Stone (Crab Design...


Mineral Grinding Stone for small pets teeth..


Carno Rabbit Bed w/ Natural Grass Big


Measurement:Length = 34 cmWidth = 23.5 cmHeight = 27 cm..


Carno Rabbit Bed w/ Natural Grass Medium


Measurement:Length = 27 cmWidth = 19.5 cmHeight = 20 cm..


Carno Square Bunny Toilet, Large


Measurement:Length = 28 cmWidth = 20.5 cmHeight = 15 cm ..


Carno Timothy Hay 500 grams


For gnawing teethHigh fiber and low proteinEgest Hairball..


Chipsi Sunshine Meadow Hay 1kg


Meadow HayTop-quality feed material for rodents and small animalsCarefully dried, repeatedly de-dustedRich in nutrients, with tasty grasses, herbs and flowersRaw feed with high raw fibre contentContains important vitamins and mineralsEncourages diges..


Mr. Hay Choppy Alfalfa Hay, 500 grams


High Protein and calciums Perfect for young or Lactating animalsChoppy Alfalfa Hay, a good choice to stimulate the appetiteChoppy Alfalfa Hay is named as "the King of Hays" with high protein and high Palatability.It satisfies the natural gnawing..


Nutrical Syrup, Calcium Supplement, 120 ...


Calcium Chloride + Calcium GlubionateFor dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs and hamstersIndication:A dietary supplement used in the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency in dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs and hamster&n..

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