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Baker Cat Calming Catnip Biscuits, 4 fla...


Baker Cat Calming Catnip Biscuits are available in 4 flavors: Original, Salmon, Tuna and Mix.Catnip Benefits:- Control tartar buildup- Low Calorie- Increase exercises- Improve Digestive System- Helps to bring up HairballsCat approved! Furparents appr..


Baker Cat Catnip Pretzels Sticks , One s...


Cat Chew Sticks, Better for Cats > 6 months old- Excrete Hairballs- Improve Digestion- Teeth Cleaning- Soothe Mind..


Beaphar Lactol Milk for Puppies/Kittens ...


Lactol has been saving the lives of puppies and kittens for generations.Made from easily digestible whey proteins, it is extremely palatable and of optimum biological value due to its excellent amino acid content, and the special low-temperature dryi..


Carno Cat Ball w/ Bell (1 pc.)


Carno Cat Ball w/ Bell (Repacked) 1 pc.Available in blue and pink color.Measurement:Diameter = 5 cm..


Carno Cat Ball w/ Bell (3 pcs.)


Carno Cat Ball w/ Bell (3 pcs.)Available in blue and pink color.Measurement:Diameter = 5 cm ..


Carno Cat Tower w/ Springy Springy Mouse


Measurement:Diameter = 25 cmHeight = 20 cm..


Carno Cat Turntable w/ Food Dispenser


HEALTHY MATERIAL - BPA free, green and environmental friendly materials, which makes sure your cat is safe to use.HELP CONTROL OBESITY - The desired amount of food is put in the feeder and it is up to your pet to find a way to get it by turning the R..


Carno Catnip Ball Cat Treats


Wall Mount with CoverMeasurement:Length = 4.5 cmWidth = 4.5 cmHeight = 3.7 cmCatnip Ball Diameter = 2.5 cm..


Cat spring toy with base & mouse toy


Measurement: Length = 16x16 cm Height = 6cm ..


Cat teaser toy, bouncy w/ feather


- This specially and meticulously designed cat teaser will bring you and your cat even closer together. Your cat will definitely love this toy.- High Quality & Safe--All toys are made of environmentally and safe materials. This cat wand toy is ma..

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