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Bi Level Hamster Cage House Tray Type wi...


Comes with Tubing, Water Bottle, Food Dish, Wheel and House.Pls view the 4th picture for the measurement..


Bi Level Hamster Cage w/ Clear View Entr...


Measurement: Length = 37.5cm Width = 28.5cm Height = 37cm   ..


Carno Dome Shape Travel Carrier Cage W/ ...


Availble in blue and pink color. Measurement: Length = 21 cm Width = 19 cm Heigth = 18 cm ..


Carno Hamster Cage, Large


Available in blue and pink color. Measurement: Length = 47 cm Width = 32 cm Height = 35 cm ..


Carno Small Animal Carrier, Blue


Measurement:Length = 200mmWidth = 160mmHeight = 150mm..


Furry Friend Hamster Cage


Furry life's happy world. Box includes tube, wheel , water bottle and food dish. Cage measures Measurement:  Length = 35cm Width = 28cm ​Height = 23cm ..


Hamster Cage w/ Extra Long Tunnel


Measurement: Length = 46cm Width = 30cm Height = 30cm ..


Hamster Cage, 2 level


Measurement:  40 x 26 x 40cm 1 cm bar spacing   Note: This is not for a Syrian hamster it is made SPECIFICALLY for dwarf hamster's, a gerbil, one mouse or up to two Roborovski hamsters (which grow about 3cm in length.  ..


Hamster Cage, 3 level


Measurement:  Dimension: 260mm Width: 400mm Height: 530mm   Entire Measurement of the Cage: Height = 51cm or 20Inch Length = 39cm or 15Inch Width = 25cm or 10Inch ..


One Level Hamster Cage - Small w/ Water ...


Comes with Water Bottle, Wheel, and Food DishPls view the 4th picture for the measurement..


Pet House Brand Hamster Cage w/ water bo...


Ideal for Mice and most Rodents. Easy maintenance, simple to clean. Extension pipes available, allows you to expand your pets home. Dimension: 22.5x16.5x23cm ..


Portable Robo Mini Cage w/ Home, Slide, ...


Measurement:  Length = 30cm Width = 23cm Height = 24.5cm ..

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