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Carno Hamster Food 400 grams


Ingredients: Grains, maize, bean, oatmeal, nut, yeast powder, vitamin etc.Nutritional Ingredients: Protein 18%; Crude Fiber 4-10%; Crude Fat 2% Crude Ash 5%; Calcium 0.5-0.8%; Phosphorus 0.5-0.8%; Water Content 8%Function: Increase coat color, good f..


Vitakraft Menu Hamster Food 1 kilo


The high-quality main feed from many components with grains, vegetables, minerals and vitamins. It contains roughage and provides optimum nutrition for a healthy and long life. Made in Germany ..


Versele-Laga Crispy Muesli Hamster Food ...


Complete food for small mammals Extra cereals Happy&Healthy 1. Fabulous fur 2. Immunity 3. Vitality Happyhealthy pellets contain all the components required for a healthy fur, strong resistance and a long life full of vitality. ..


Jolly Hamster Food 800g


Fullvit Formula for Hamsters. Additional Prebiotics Regulate Intestinal Microbial Balance. Strengthens Intestinal Digestion.   ..

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