Catnip & catgrass

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Cat About, Cat Grass Plus, 150 grams
Cat A'Bout Multi Cat Cat Grass Plus Grow your own cat grass. Pre-mixed grass grows straight from tu.....
Cosmic Catnip 100% Natural Catnip 5 oz/ 14.2 grams
Genuine Cosmic Catnip North American grown Strong, aromatic fragrance Stimulate playful be.....
Cosmic Catnip Kitty Cat Grass Growable Cat treats 25 grams (With soil)
Premium cat grass mixture Grows quickly Fiber rich dietary supplement   .....
Cosmic Catnip Kitty Herbs Growable Cat Treats 4 oz (113 g)
Premium Cat Grass Mixture Grows Quickly Fiber Rich Dietary Supplement Growable Cat Treat.....
Cosmic Catnip, 100 % natural catnip, 35.4 grams
Cosmic Catnip is a 100% natural herb that stimulates a harmless, playful reaction in most cats. Spri.....
Smarty catnip mist Catnip spray 7 fl oz
A catnip mist catnip attractant spray for cats Neat and easy-to-use catnip-infused spray that a.....
Smartykat Catnip Bubbles, Bubble Nip 17.7 ml
SmartyKat gives pet parents the best of all worlds: innovative products, stylish designs, environmen.....