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Chipsi Sunshine Meadow Hay 1kg


Meadow HayTop-quality feed material for rodents and small animalsCarefully dried, repeatedly de-dustedRich in nutrients, with tasty grasses, herbs and flowersRaw feed with high raw fibre contentContains important vitamins and mineralsEncourages diges..


Chipsi Sunshine Plus Timothy Hay, 750 gr...


CHIPSI SUNSHINE PLUS timothy hay is a nutritious supplement including vitamins and minerals and an important foodstuff for the natural nutrition of rodents and small pets. CHIPSI products give you the following impressive benefits:  100..


Choppy Timothy Hay 750g


For gnawing teeth High fiber and low protein Egest Hairball ..


Jolly Guinea Pig Food, 1kg


Fullvit Formula for Guinea Pigs. Additional Prebiotics Regulate Intestinal Microbial Balance. Strengthens Intestinal Digestion. ..


Mr. Hay Choppy Alfalfa Hay, 500 grams


High Protein and calciums Perfect for young or Lactating animalsChoppy Alfalfa Hay, a good choice to stimulate the appetiteChoppy Alfalfa Hay is named as "the King of Hays" with high protein and high Palatability.It satisfies the natural gnawing..


Smart Heart Rodent Food, 1kg


SmartHeart Rodent Food (Complete & Balanced Formula) Specifically balanced to provide the complete nutritional needs of Rodents, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas. You can be assured your pets will grow strong and healthy with shiny skin & coat...


Versele-laga Crispy Muesli Guinea Food 1...


Complete food for guinea pig. Extra vitamin C Happy & Healthy 1. Fabulous fur 2. Immunity 3. Vitality Healthy pellets contain all the components required for a healthy fur, strong resistance and a long life full of vitality. ..


Vitakraft Menu Guinea Pig Food, 1kg


The menu produced by Vital sugar free recipe is the perfect healthy diet for guinea pigs. The food with tasty seeds, cereals, vegetables and an extra dose of vitamin C is specifically geared to the needs of the animals and contains a vital complex, w..

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